Sometimes, conversations over coffee can create unimaginable things. Fashion Factory was a concept that came to us at a café, while sipping espressos. Jaipur, a city popular for its architecture, arid history, still lags far behind when it comes to the promotion of its artisans from around the state.

We noticed that the authentic Rajasthani craftsmanship, the Bagru print, Sanganeri print, tie and dye, etc, had a strikingly high potential for growth but were not reaching the right audiences. We knew we had to find a way to aggressively promote the craft. That’s how the concept of Fashion Factory was born.

Located in the head of traditional textiles art and craft, Jaipur, Fashion Factory is one of the fastest growing manufacturers in women wear. With a vision to promote and market the indigenous craft of Rajasthan, Fashion Factory is blending together the modern silhouettes and styles with the age-old handwork techniques and processes.

We have a state-of-the-ad manufacturing unit, fully-equipped with advanced machines and equipment and a dedicated team of accomplished designers and artisans from around the country.

We aim to become the most preferred manufacturer for retailers, buying houses, brand owners, retail for all kinds of women wear. To achieve our vision, we haven’t limited ourselves to one technique or process. We offer a wide variety of fashion wear with distinct processes and techniques, namely, block prints, hand/machine embroidery, dabka work, screen printing, digital printing, and so many more.

From all sizes and varieties of Kurti to printed tops and skirts, palazzos, we will have it all covered. Our wish is to create a high-street, affordable fashion line for women.

To expand throughout the world.

The progress of the brand directly benefits the artisans who are bending over backwards to earn their bread and butter. By removing the middlemen from the process, and directly reaching the artisans, we aim to economically empower them, so that the generations to come continue to master the craft, and do not feel the need to abandon it due to a lack of recognition and absence of a justified income.

The mission is to create a world the artisans deserve.


We will primarily focus on designing clothing for women from all walks of life. Clothes from Fashion Factory will not only be created for an Indian woman, but for women from all around the world. This will in turn fulfil our dream of getting the hard work, their craftsmanship, recognized internationally.

We wish to create a high-street, affordable fashion line for women. From all sizes and varieties of Kurt’s to printed tops and skirts, palazzos, we will have it all covered.

A vertically integrated factory indulging in cuffing, sewing, pressing and packaging.

Cutting Section: We have a complete team of workers that specialize in cutting the fabric. After all, the first step, bc fl the cut, defines how well the clothing shall fit.

Knitting Section: A number of knitting artists using ultramodern equipment will knit sewing lines (done by experienced workers with precision).

Woven Sewing Section: These machines are used by experienced operators to deliver a product with excellence.

Equipment to Gear Up

Our setup is equipped with modern machines:

  • Single needle UBT & AUTOBACKTAK JACK A2S: 100
  • Single needle UBT & AUTOBACKTAK and fully computerised JACK A3: 50
  • Five thread Over-Lock JACK E-4-5: 10
  • Five thread over lock with UBT JACK C-3-5: 5
  • Flat lock JACK: 3
  • EASTMAN Cutting machine: 2
  • Fusing machine HASHIMA: 1
  • Edge Cutter computerized JACK 5559GW UBT: 2
  • Steam Press Sunrise with Boiler: 4
  • Generator 110kv: 1